The Art & the Moving Image initiative is a rare kind of investment in the Australian arts community that sits outside current funding models. 

It reflects a commitment to support the practice evolving at the intersection of film, art and new media.

There is no application process. The commissioned artists have found the time and support an invaluable space for their artistic practice. While the national partnership of galleries combined with a film festival provides significant professional bounty, profile, artistic challenge and acknowledgment.

Archie Moore (Kamilaroi/Bigambul) will present a new moving image work for an exhibition at Samstag with the Adelaide Film Festival in 2024. Moore’s commission and associated exhibition will follow the artist’s eagerly anticipated showing at the prestigious Venice Biennale next March.

Moore has proposed a large-scale installation reproducing his childhood bedroom. The seventh iteration of the installation series, Dwelling, this ongoing investigation of memory and effects of colonisation draws on visual, auditory, haptic and olfactory elements in its staging.

Previously commissioned works have gone on to national and international acclaim.

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