It’s been an amazing 17 years since the first AFF in 2003. Want to reminisce over some of your favourite AFF moments? Dive in and get lost in the memories from these amazing past programs in our AFF Past Festivals archive.


AFF 2023

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AFF 2022

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AFF 2021

In 2021 we presented the inaugural AFF Youth Festival. Find out more about AFF Youth 2021.

AFF 2020


AFF 2018

You Must See


AFF 2017

Vive Le Punk!

AFF 2016

Goes Rogue


AFF 2015

The Film You Wrote


AFF 2013

Screen Worship


AFF 2011

See Within


AFF 2009



AFF 2007

“The Eyeball family”


AFF 2005

Image is Everything


AFF 2003

“Balloon chairs”


Image: Hotel Mumbai Opening Gala event, 2018