Our philanthropic supporters passionately believe in film and the Adelaide Film Festival’s work to share captivating stories on screen, champion filmmakers, and delight and intrigue audiences. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to support the festival.

If you would like to become a donor, please visit our donate page for more information.

AFF Luminaries

Nunn Dimos Foundation

Pam O’Donnell

Peter Hanlon

Anton Andreacchio
Carlo Andreacchio
Angelique & Michael Boileau
Gentle Giant Media Group (Greg Basser)
William JS Boyle CM & David Montgomery
James Darling AM
Lesley Forwood
Scott Hicks & Kerry Heysen AM (AFF Luminaries Ambassadors)
Melinda O’Leary


Gifts above $10,000

Mahmood Martin Foundation
We are also grateful to those donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Gifts $250– $999
Hannah Andreyev
Judy Potter
Leigh Powis
Paul Weigard

Gifts $100 – $249
Diana Dibden
Robert Caley
Barbara Smith

We are also grateful to those individuals who have made donations under $100.

(Donations made from July 2022.)


Every donation, big or small, makes a difference! To find out about the various ways you can make an impact by supporting the Adelaide Film Festival, please contact the Development Team on 8394 2505 or visit here for more information.