A spotlight on Indonesia

It is little wonder the cinema of Indonesia is as rich and wondrous as the diverse cultures within the country itself.

The concise sample of Indonesian cinema presented here draws focus to the wealth of cinema produced by Indonesia’s thriving screen industry. This is your invitation to bring a curious mind to enjoy this refreshing window to one of our closest neighbours. We are thrilled to confirm the filmmakers will be official guests of the festival, generating a unique opportunity to cultivate friendships, stronger connection, understanding and insight.

Adriyanto Dewo / Indonesia

A heavy metal odyssey revealing the art behind the music.

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Gina S. Noer / Indonesia

Lihat. Dengar. Rasakan: Look. Listen. Feel.

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Riar Rizaldi / Indonesia, Qatar

Under the Volcano.

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Theogracia Rumansara / Indonesia

Jendela Papua: a window on Papua.

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The Exiles
Lola Amaria / Indonesia

The longing for home is universal.

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The Tone Wheels
Yuda Kurniawan / Indonesia

Takin’ music to the streets.

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These films are presented in partnership with the Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival.