Sun Oct 29, 2:00 PM
Director: Ibrahim Nash'at
Germany, United States
92 minutes

In the chaotic aftermath of the US withdrawal, an Egyptian journalist brilliantly documents the Taliban transition from militia to military regime.

Hollywoodgate delivers a mind-blowing, firsthand account of history in motion. In unfiltered detail, it chronicles the Taliban’s takeover of the Hollywood Gate complex in Kabul, alleged to be a former CIA base, following the US troop withdrawal. Through sheer doggedness, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Nash’at is
granted access to intimately follow high ranking commander Malawi Mansour and ground soldier Mukhtar. While Malawi Mansour wonders what to do with the cache of high-tech weaponry left behind by at Hollywood Gate, Mukhtar dreams of world domination. Meanwhile, their comrades are arming themselves with AK-47s as well as activating US and NATO fighter jets and choppers previously thought destroyed. Both humanising and terrifying, there will be no more valuable document of the Taliban’s transition from fundamentalist militia to military regime.

Premiere Australian Premiere
Film Type Feature Documentary
Program Strand Documentary Competition
Subtitles English
Director Ibrahim Nash'at
Producer Talal Derki, Odessa Rae, Shane Boris
Writer Ibrahim Nash'at, Talal Derki, Shane Boris
Cinematographer Ibrahim Nash'at
Editor Atanas Georgiev, Marion Tuor
Music Volker Bertelmann
Genre Documentary, History, Social Issue, War/Anti-War