AFF Youth Creative Industry Pathways: Industry Sessions

As the number of screens continues to expand, fuelling an ever-growing demand for content, South Australian creative industry careers have become more robust and sustainable with an accompanying increase in the types of jobs from actor, games writer, TV director to the VFX supervisor on a Hollywood blockbuster.

Held across the school week (25-30 July, 2021), the Industry Sessions are a key component of the AFF Youth Creative Industries Pathway. The Industry Sessions are designed to allow students to hear from leading screen creatives as they give insight into their creative industries job and the skills, techniques and experiences required to leap ahead in creative industries career. You can find the full list of sessions below.

Booking Information
School: $8 +BF
Equity Price: $6 +BF
Teacher Price: $10 or one FREE with the purchase of 10 x School tickets

To purchase Schools, Teachers or Equity Pricing tickets, schools can either call AFF Box Office on 0416 761 036 or email: [email protected]


Presenter: Daniel Charlton, Head of Video Sales at Pro AV & Cinematographer
Date & Time: Thu 29 July, 1.15pm to 2.15pm
Location: The Launch Pad, Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen
South Australia is known for screen works with high production values and this often comes down to understanding how to frame and light your work. Daniel will run you through a set of framing and lighting tips to improve your shorts.
Writing & Directing for Shorts
Presenter: Leela Varghese (above), Screenwriter, Segment Producer (BtN & Totally Wild)
Date & Time: Mon 26 July, 10.15am to 11.15am
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot Fourteen
Leela Varghese is the writer and director of the kind of films beloved by film curators wanting shorts with the comedic appeal & diverse characters that speak to the next generation. In this session, she will use her very recent films Furbulous and Crush as examples. Crush won Best Screenplay at 2019 Tropfest and was part of AFF 2020 Made in SA Program.
Writing for Games
Presenter: Mighty Kingdom
Date & Time: Mon 26 July, 12.45am to 1.45pm
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot Fourteen
Games don’t have linear narratives like film and tv, as players have a bigger part in the storytelling. Mighty Kingdom is known for its deep narrative for games, and will share our experience with you.
Being a TV Critic
Presenter: Aimee Knight, small screens editor for The Big Issue, screen reviewer Radio Adelaide
Date & Time: Wed 28 July, 1.15pm to 2.15pm
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot Fourteen
Aimee will provide insights into how to write TV reviews and how to establish yourself as a professional television and film writer. A regular guest on ABC Melbourne and ABC Adelaide, Aimee’s writing talent was recently recognised when she was chosen from 3000 applicants to participate in Talent Press at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Carlos A. Manrique Clavijo, Post Sound Technician, Adelaide Studios
Date & Time: Tue 27, Wed 28 &Thu 29 July, 9.45am to 10.45am
Location: Adelaide Studios,1 Mulberry Drive, Glenside.
Cost: Free (Bookings required)
South Australia is a national leader in the provision of sound editing, mixing and Foley services. This is a unique opportunity to visit the Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre at the South Australian Film Corporation’s (SAFC) Adelaide Studios. Carlos will provide insights into the process of telling stories through sound using examples from recent sound mixes made at the Studios including Thin Ice VR (currently playing in the festival program).
Presenter: Media Makeup Academy
Date & Time: Thu 29 July, 11.45am-12.45pm
Location: The Launch Pad, Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen
Hear from our Industry Experts who have recently worked on Mortal Kombat about the exciting field of Special Effects, Props and Makeup.
Watch a live demonstration of a character transformation using a variety of Prosthetics & SFX Makeup techniques.
Game Design
Presenter: Mighty Kingdom
Date & Time: Tue 27 July, 1.15pm to 2.15pm
Location: The Launch Pad, Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen
Mighty Kingdom share their experience on designing games with some of the world’s best-known brands.
A Career in Games
Presenter: Mighty Kingdom
Date & Time: Wed 28 July, 11.55am to 12.55pm
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot 14
So, you’re thinking of a career in Games? Mighty Kingdom’s team has decades of experience, hear them provide some insight into what a career in games can look like.
See also: Writing for Games
Presenter: Nick Pill, VFX Art Director, Rising Sun Pictures
Date & Time: Fri 30 July, 1.15pm to 2.15pm
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot Fourteen
Working on major franchises in VFX is the dream of many – but how do you get started & what does the job involve once you’re designing VFX on a Hollywood franchise? Raised in Adelaide, Nick took his love of drawing and of the Star Wars franchise to Sydney’s Walt Disney Animation Studio as a Senior Layout Artist. He later moved into CG animation working as the Environment Supervisor on Happy Feet before returning to Adelaide as a VFX Art Director at Rising Sun Pictures where he has worked on major international productions like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
VR Panel
Presenters: James Calvert, Director, Tim Jarvis Executive Producer, Justin Wight, Executive Producer
Location: The Launch Pad, Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen
Date & Time: Tue 27 July, 11.55am to 12.55pm
The immersive juxtaposition of the Antarctica of the past (using footage of
polar explorer Shackleton’s catastrophic 1914 mission) and the contemporary retracing of his journey by environmental scientist Tim Jarvis allows Thin Ice’s VR audience to develop a unique understanding of the impact of climate change on this wondrous region. The makers of this VR work will discuss its production including shooting in Antarctica, working with new and old footage in a VR setting, capturing 3-dimensional imagery and the deep insights VR (regarded as an empathy machine) can bring to the big questions of our time.
Presenter: Garry Stewart, Artistic Director, Australian Dance Theatre
Date & Time: Fri 30 July, 11.45am to 12.45pm
Location: Lecture Theatre, Lot Fourteen
From the Ziegfield Follies to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers onto A Chorus
Line, cinema has always intersected with dance. In Adelaide, driven by this the dance community, there has been a strong interest in working in film. ADT Director, Garry Stewart, known for his innovations in the use of screen in his dance works and for making films about dance, will lead a discussion with filmmakers and dancers about a series of local micro dance films made during the lockdown as well as his own dance short films.
Artist Talk
Craig Ruddy
Date and Time Fri 30 July, 1.00pm to 2.00pm
Location: Tandanya
Craig Ruddy has been a multiple finalist at the prestigious Archibald Prize. In 2004, he won both the Archibald and the People’s Choice Prize for his monumental painting of David Gulpilil, “Two Worlds”. In 2020, he was again a finalist for his portrait of Dark Emu author, Bruce Pascoe. Craig will discuss his work and his exhibition at Tandanya.