60 minutes
All Ages

Mighty Kingdom share their experience on designing games with some of the worlds’ best-known brands.

Presenters: Mark Riley and Emma Losin

Mark Riley – Design Director
Mark is Design Director at Mighty Kingdom and has been developing games for more than a decade with partners like Sony, Microsoft, Warner Bros and Lucasarts. Deeply invested in the local gamedev community, Mark has a background in professional games education and supports emerging designers through Mighty Kingdom’s graduate program. Mark is passionate about dynamic, emergent storytelling and its potential to create compelling in-game experiences.

Emma Losin – Game Designer
Emma is a game designer at Mighty kingdom. She holds bachelor degrees in Design (Games) and Psychological Sciences as well as diplomas in Interactive Digital Media and Visual art. Nominated and received a special mention at the Ingames Awards 2019 as well as Different Games Ambassador in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This session is available for general public bookings. Tertiary students, industry professionals and families are encouraged to participate and join the conversation!

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