Director: Johanis Lyons-Reid

When an earth-destroying meteor appears in the sky, 15-year-old amateur biologist Elle and her best friend Jen wait for the adults to finally act. But when Elle confronts her recently widowed father, Richard, he refuses to acknowledge her fears, or the meteor hurtling towards earth. Instead, he sends Elle to see Dr Humboldt, a sinister child psychiatrist who convinces Richard that Elle is actually a critically endangered Sumatran elephant. Convinced he’s doing right by his daughter, Richard locks Elle in a cage in the backyard. As the meteor rushes towards Earth, Elle desperately tries to convince her father to see the truth, but he refuses to listen, even as rose bushes spontaneously combust and dead birds fall from the sky. With the end seemingly days, or even hours, away, Elle simply wants to see Jen one last time. But will Richard finally see reason, or will Elle spend her last days on Earth in a cage?

Film Type AFF Investment Fund
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund
Director Johanis Lyons-Reid
Producer Jen Lyons-Reid, Carl Kuddell, Piri Eddy
Cast Shabana Azeez, Brendan Cooney, Lauren Koopowitz, Gerry Masi