Director: Seth Larney
115 minutes

The year 2067: Earth has been ravaged by climate change and people are forced to live on artificial oxygen. Humanity’s only solution is to build a quantum time machine to ping the future for answers from our descendants. A response sends Ethan, a reclusive utility worker, barrelling into the future as the only hope for his species. He is thrust into a terrifying new world that threatens his mission to save his dying wife. 


  • Earle Dresner Silver ACS Award
Language English
Director Seth Larney
Producer Lisa Shaunessy, Jason Taylor, Kate Croser
Screenwriters Seth Larney
Cinematographer Earle Dresner
Editor Sean Lahiff
Music Ken Lampl, Kirsten Axelholm
Cast Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ryan Kwanten, Deborah Mailman