A screening of four projects produced in collaboration with the Media Resource Centre’s Let’s Make Web TV initiative.


DIRECTOR: Ana María Méndez Salgado

Miniambra is a multi-layered reflection on what identity means to those who feel like strangers (wherever they are) and an invitation to renew our capacity for wonder.Amongst other things, Miniambra discovers that belonging doesn’t mean ‘being identical’ and teaches how to value that which makes every creature different.

Nate & Steve vs ZOMBIES!!

DIRECTORS: Levi Truby George, Tim David Cannan (art & animation)

When your neighbours turn into flesh eating zombies, the secret to survival is… stay inside, something Nate and his undead best buddy Steve are experts in. Nate, however, discovers he lacks the resourcefulness, intelligence and mental stability to defend their home against a horde of zombies, while Steve seems to have adapted perfectly. Nate & Steve vs. ZOMBIES!! is an interactive animated vlog documenting their survival… and likely demise.


DIRECTOR: Aimee Knight

Humanimals is a documentary web series that sniffs out new and unusual forms of human-animal communication. From assistance dogs to dolphin rangers, we use science, psychology and animal instinct to examine the relationship between humans and our furry, feathered and finned friends.

Being Goode

DIRECTOR: Gareth Wilkes

Being Goode follows the life and times of Jake Goode – 18, smart, handsome – and starting his journey out into the adult world. Jake’s environment however is a little different to most – he is a smooth-skinned boy in a distinctly felt covered world of puppets.

Film Type Series, Short