Director: Glendyn Ivin
100 minutes

Hugo Weaving has the role of his career as an ex-con in whom quick violence and gruff charm reside side by side. He’s a brutal man but in some curious way, a loving father. When he takes his ten year old son, Chook, on the run after committing a violent crime, the scene is set for a memorable road movie.

As the pair take off into the desert, both father and son must grope their way towards a sense of what is best for the other. Chook eventually takes control and the choice he is forced to make has a devastating effect on both their lives.

Poetically spare and emotionally tense, Last Ride is as touching as it is uncompromising. Glendyn Ivin won the Palme D’Or at Cannes with his short film, Cracker Bag, but now his debut feature reveals him as one of the foremost young directors in Australian cinema. Last Ride is a visually assured and dramatically taut film that never puts a foot wrong.

Festivals: Sydney 09; Toronto 09; Pusan 09; Middle Eastern FF; Rome 09; Adelaide Produces showcase MoMA NY 2011


  • Winner: Best New Narrative Director- Middle East International FF 09


  • AFI Award for Best Cinematography
  • AFI Award for Best Lead Actor – Hugo Weaving
  • AFI Young Actor Award – Tom Russell
  • Best Actor- Hugo Weaving- IF Awards- 09
Film Type Feature Fiction
Director Glendyn Ivin
Producer Antonia Barnard, Nicholas Cole
Writer Mac Gudgeon
Cast Hugo Weaving