Jerzy Skolimowski

14 September 2022

Skolimowski collaborated with Roman Polanski on the screenplay for KNIFEIN THE WATER and THE PALACE. As an actor, he has appeared in WHITE NIGHTS, EASTERN PROMISES, BEFORE NIGHT FALLS and THE AVENGERS. Skolimowski returned to Cannes as director in 2008 with the critically lauded thriller FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA, which opened the Director’s Fortnight and also won the Grand Prix de Jury at the Tokyo International Film Festival. ESSENTIAL KILLING won Grand Prix de Jury at the Venice International Film Festival in 2010, Best Film in Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Best Film and Best Director at Gdynia Film Festival as well as Polish Film Academy (Golden Eagles).

Skolimowski is an accomplished painter who has taken part in the Venice Biennale and exhibited across Europe and the US.