Hui Tong, Kelly Ng

27 May 2021

Hui Tong is a documentary filmmaker from Beijing and currently based in Beijing. Six years ago he came to the U.S. for college and developed a strong interest in the intersection of history, arts, and identity. He has been making narrative and documentary shorts since high school, and in writing covered Asian American identity issues. Curtain Up! is his first feature-length documentary. He has just finished his first book on the issue of identity, through the lenses of Asian American, Chinese American, mainland Chinese and overseas Chinese students.

Kelly Ng is a Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker from Singapore, drawn particularly to stories on minority communities, education and mental health. Her videos and written stories have been published on The Atlantic, NBC, and South China Morning Post, among others. Kelly spent most of her Journalism career in print before venturing into documentaries, making her filmmaking debut with Curtain Up!