Welcome to Adelaide Film Festival 2023

David Stratton AM and Margaret Pomeranz AM
Patrons, Adelaide Film Festival

Film festivals are special opportunities to immerse oneself in the power of the art of cinema, be challenged and delighted, and contemplate the world around us. Adelaide Film Festival (AFF) champions those who dare tell our stories, bold and courageous filmmakers, who invite us to consider what it is to be alive, and is among the most welcoming of all film festivals where filmmakers and audiences mingle together, generating an exciting atmosphere.

This is your personal invitation to come to what is one of Australia’s foremost festivals where we are certain you will see excellent films, including the most anticipated AFF Investment Fund films alongside unexpected gems and award winners from around the globe. We are honoured to be patrons of AFF and we look forward to seeing you there, at the movies.

Mat Kesting
CEO & Creative Director, Adelaide Film Festival

It is little wonder why film festivals attract such prominence and interest; from Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance to our very own, film festivals are an opportunity to immerse in the most accessible and diverse artform. Film both entertains and grants us access into other worlds and perspectives, enriching our world view. This year’s program is an open invitation to all to “see in the dark”, be a part of the AFF, and experience what is a fun and welcoming event.

From directorial debuts to those bearing the highest of accolades, each has been selected with the greatest of care and we invite you to devour the program. AFF will open with Kitty Green’s extraordinary The Royal Hotel and close with local master filmmaker, Scott Hicks’ MY NAME’S BEN FOLDS i play piano, bracketing what is an exceptional lineup of films from around the globe. Spearheaded by the AFF Investment Fund premiere slate and the Official Competition, AFF will see over 130 films from 42 countries presented as 200 sessions at five cinema locations across Adelaide.

Sincere thanks to all those who make the festival possible: brave filmmakers (both whose work has been selected and not), the SA Government, partners, donors, our dedicated and tireless volunteers and team – and above all, you, our audience who we cannot wait to welcome in October!