Established in 2020, the Change Award is for positive social or environmental impact and cinema expressing new directions for humanity. How do we do better, be better, ensure a sustainable future for all of humanity and other species while nurturing the best of human values and visions? The Award provides $5,000 to the filmmakers of a feature film that best celebrates the desire to make change in the world – as voted on by you, the audience.

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After Work
Erik Gandini / Sweden, Italy, Norway

A thought-provoking, globe-hopping look at work/life balance.

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Black Cockatoo Crisis
Jane Hammond / Australia

An urgent call to protect the habitats of three iconic species before they face extinction.

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Is There Anybody Out There?
Ella Glendining / United Kingdom

“A deeply personal story of disability, identity, and self-love.” (Slashfilm)

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On the Adamant
Nicolas Philibert / France, Japan

“Warm and sympathetic … a worthy winner of the Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear.” (The Guardian)

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