Director of The Hamlet Syndrome, Elwira Niewiera, interviewed by Chris Drummond.

Several months before the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, a documentary theatre project brought together a group of young people from the ‘Madian generation’, who lived through the first Russo-Ukrainian war. Working with theatre and screen directors, they used the Hamlet motif of ‘to be or not to be’ to process their experiences on the front line and home front. The result is ‘documentary theatre’ producing renditions for both the stage and screen.

In this forum, acclaimed SA director Chris Drummond (Brink Productions) will interview The Hamlet Syndrome co-director Elwira Niewiera who is a guest of the Adelaide Film Festival. They will discuss the intersectional capacity of theatre and documentary to create powerful works about contemporary trauma, as well as advocacy documents for critical issues. Elwira will also discuss the processes including how they managed rehearsals to produce this ground-breaking screen work.

The film The Hamlet Syndrome is the winner of the Grand Prix at the Locarno Film Festival as well as the Roman Brodmann prize for a documentary that is critical of the times and relevant to society.

A screening of The Hamlet Syndrome will screen before the talk. Free attendance with your The Hamlet Syndrome ticket.

When: Friday 21 October, 10:30am
Where: Palace Nova Cinema 01/ExiMax

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