Youth Awards

The AFF Youth Jury awards prizes in all three tiers of submissions:

Professionally made screen works (i.e screen works made for cinema release, for professional film festivals, broadcast or for gallery exhibition) in the following categories:

  • Best Film for 5-12 year-olds
  • Best Film for 13-15 year-olds
  • Best Film for 16+
  • Best Overall Film for 2021

Best Film by Australian young filmmaker/s in the following categories:

  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • Senior School

Best Film by International young filmmaker

AFF Youth has four cash prizes for short screen works from school children in South Australia. (These categories comprise the SA Statewide School Filmmaking Competition).

  • Best South Australian Primary School Film (Cash Prize: $500)
  • Best South Australian Middle School Film (Cash Prize $500)
  • Best South Australian High School Film (Cash Prize: $500)
  • SA Power Networks People’s Choice Award (Cash prize: $1,000) for the audience favourite film created by South Australian students (high, middle, primary).


All films must be for children and young people, and be able to meet appropriate ratings.

AFF looks for bold and original storytelling encouraging young people to embrace a diverse and complex world where they can make a courageous contribution.

Works by young students and classes must show a good grasp of storytelling and a developing technique.

Submissions close 24 May 2021 for all categories:

  • Professionally made screen works
  • Short works by Australian and international school children
  • Short screen works from South Australian students eligible for the Statewide School Filmmaking Competition