AFF Youth is all about providing students with the opportunity to experience the very best of local and international screen media, and to inspire the next generation of young creatives to get involved in and build connections with the very best of South Australia’s burgeoning screen industry.

Students can get involved in AFF Youth in the following ways:

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The Report Card
Children’s content builds and celebrates Australian identity in all its wondrous complexity and diversity.
Following each of The Report Card screenings, students can hear from, and speak directly with, the content makers on what they want from the films and TV being made for and about them.
Screenings include: Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?, First Day, H is for Happiness

School’s Out
Not everything cinema has to offer can be learned in a classroom – those grittily realistic or poetic flights filled with a representation of youth so achingly true that they will pierce your young heart. These require a singular relationship between you and the big screen.
So, leave the guide behind and come to School’s Out.
Films include: Beans, Summertime, Perfect 10

Student’s Filmmaking Competition and Awards
2021 is the inaugural year of the Statewide Schools Filmmaking Competition, with films coming in from across the State. We are excited to have an experienced panel of local judges assessing the films – connecting inspiring creatives to the industry. Get behind SA’s next generation of young filmmakers either by attending the red-carpet Gala screening on Sunday July 25 or, with the support of SA Power Networks, watch the entries online and vote for the audience favourite. AFF Youth has four cash prizes up for grabs for short screen works from school children in South Australia:
— Best South Australian Primary School Film (Cash Prize: $500)
— Best South Australian Middle School Film (Cash Prize $500)
— University of South Australia and Rising Sun Pictures Best High School Film (Cash Prize: $1000)
— SA Power Networks People’s Choice Award (Cash prize: $1,000) for the audience’s favourite film created by South Australian students (available to high, middle or primary school).
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Youth Jury
In 2021, AFF Youth called for nine young lovers of cinema from across South Australian schools to join our youth jury to decide the award winners of our national and international screening program.
Under the guidance of an industry member and educator, the Youth Jury views and awards the following:
Professionally made films:
—Best Film for 5–12-year-olds
—Best Film for 13–15-year-olds
—Best Film for 16+
—Best Overall Film 2021
Student filmmakers
—Best Film by an Australian young filmmaker
—Best Film by an International young filmmaker
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Image Reference: “First Day, 2019″