The 2021 AFF Youth screening program features the best in local, national and international screen content.

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Fiction Films
Fiction films show us experiences beyond our own, encouraging empathy and broadening worldviews.
This year’s line-up features young people in challenging environments, forced to find and defend their values and then to negotiate their position with others.
Featuring: Beans, The Club of Ugly Children, Our Lady of the Nile, A School in Cerro Hueso, The Wall Between UsWhen Pomegranates Howl

Feature Documentary
Documentaries are windows into the real lives of people and are often important vehicles to drive change. This year’s line-up features children as agents of change in their local environment.
Featuring: Raise The Bar, Curtain Up!

School’s Out
Not everything cinema has to offer can be learned in a classroom – those grittily realistic or poetic flights filled with a representation of youth so achingly true that they will pierce your young heart. These require a singular relationship between you and the big screen.
So, leave the guide behind and come to School’s Out.
Featuring: Perfect 10, Summertime, Beans

Red Carpet Gala
AFF is famous for its red carpet screenings and AFF Youth will be no different.
Put on your most glam outfit and get ready to be snapped as you mingle with SA’s best young filmmakers at the Gala Screening of the Statewide Schools Filmmaking Competition nominated films. The purchase of a ticket will gain you entry to the screening at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas on Thursday 16 September and a non-alcoholic drink.
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Short Film Programmes
A highly valued artform in its own right, the short film forms part of the rich traditions of cinema history. Shorts are also used as calling cards by emerging filmmakers who want to make a strong first impression as they break into the film industry.
In 2021, AFF Youth presents three short film packages comprising of the best short films from Australia and around the world. From award-winning international film festival favourites to a selection of films made by school students from across the globe, these packages shine a light on topics important to the next generation and showcase a variety of filmmaking styles and techniques.

Curated by Amanda Hawley


  • Programmer’s Picks: Originally curated to screen in the cinema before the film features at AFF Youth, these shorts are a critically acclaimed selection from world-class directors. This short film package is recommended for ages 15+.
  • Almost 18 Shorts: This package of films introduces more complex characters and topics, sparking critical thinking and providing opportunities for open discussion on a range of subjects senior school students face today. This session delves deeper into family dynamics and discovering who you are, and is recommended for ages 15+
    Featuring: Butterfly, Not A Wallflower, Snowy, The Mirror, The Shut-In, Waste Away, Wirun
  • All Age Access Shorts: A selection of films to be enjoyed by cinephiles of all ages! Through documentary, fiction and animation, the films in this package explore themes including friendship, family, community, identity, and our connection with nature in the age of social media. With lots of light moments and laughter, this session is suitable for audiences young and young at heart.
    Featuring: 12, Bama, Benztown, Goodbye Home, Invisible Heroes, Pigeon Girl, Pop N Possum, The Kid & The Octopus, WhateverTree
  • Directors Aged 5-18 Years: This is the voice of the next generation. All films in this package have been created by filmmakers between the ages of 5-18yrs, and showcase a range of topics, filmmaking styles and techniques. These films highlight universal similarities, whilst showing how diverse we are as global citizens. Filmmakers in this package come from our own backyard, as well as other countries including Poland, India, Philippines and the Faroe Islands.
    Featuring: 12, Daughters, Decalcomania, Dreary Days, Given, Have You Seen Buster?, Migrant, Pika Boo, Rap Battle, Serok, Side EFX, Symmetry, The Dog’s Story – Part II, The Moments, Will I Die Because I Am Black, You(th)

Featured image: Summertime, 2020