AFF Youth is a celebration of the screen designed especially for young people, organised by the Adelaide Film Festival with the support of the Department for Education and SA Power Networks.

This celebration of screen outlined in the following pages offers young South Australians the opportunity to see films from around the globe. The program includes unique industry sessions, meet the filmmakers and stars events and a Creative Industries Expo – a must for students wanting a career in the growing screen sector.

While open to all, the program has been tailored for secondary schools and class bookings.


“South Australia has entered a golden age of film production with the screen sector now an integral and growing part of South Australia’s economy. Young South Australians can aspire to rewarding careers in screen – right here, right now in our own state. Just look at the credits of films. There are so many job opportunities available. If you are looking for a career in the screen industry, I encourage you to attend industry events like the Expo to find your path into the screen industry.
Congratulations to AFF for this exciting new program initiative.”

– The Hon. David Pisoni MP
Minister for Innovation and Skills


“International demand for screen content is at an all-time high in South Australia, and we want to give our young people the best possible chance to secure jobs in this growing industry. The Adelaide Film Festival Youth is an exciting opportunity for South Australian students and teachers to immerse themselves in the world of filmmaking. I encourage all schools and students to embrace the 2021 program!”

– The Hon. John Gardner MP
Minister for Education


2021 saw the inaugural AFF Youth event presented. Read more about AFF Youth 2021.

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We acknowledge and thank our predecessor, Adelaide International Youth Film Festival, for laying a strong foundation for a successful AFF Youth Festival.