Established in 2020, the Change Award is for positive social or environmental impact, and cinema expressing new directions for humanity.

How do we do better, be better, ensuring a sustainable future for all of humanity, and other species, while nurturing the best of human values and visions?

The Award provides $5000 to the filmmakers of a feature film that best celebrates your desire to make change in the world – as voted on by you, the audience.

The Change Award nominees for 2022 are:

Veteran Polish master Jerzy Skolimowsky dares us to image how animals see the world in this utterly unconventional story in which a donkey is the central character. EO, our hero, is at times a circus performer, a beast of burden, a football mascot and even a bystander at a melodrama involving no less than Isabelle Huppert. The world is a very mysterious place when seen through the melancholic eyes of EO who stoically endures the quietly outrageous twists of fortune on his episodic journey through modern Poland.

Fashion Reimagined
Mother of Pearl, Amy Powney’s label offers a range of clothes that are bold, beautiful, elegant and completely sustainable. The 2017 Vogue Designer of the Year, had her conscience pricked by her environmentalist upbringing and decided to use her cash prize to design a completely sustainable collection. Aiming to be organic, traceable, pro animal welfare and have a minimal production footprint, her journey takes her to Uruguay, Peru and Austria as she tries to solve an increasingly complex logistical and ethical puzzle. Taking action at the individual level, Powney is a strong enough leader to inspire broader industry and social change.

Greenhouse by Joost
Imagine a house that grows its own food. That’s the vision of environmental campaigner Joost Bakker, who was once dubbed the ‘Poster Boy of Zero Waste Living’ by The New York Times. This inspiring feature documentary follows Bakker as he builds a self-sustaining home, an ecosystem that provides its occupants with water, energy, shelter and nourishment.

Into the Ice
“The Greenland inland ice harbours a secret,” urgently narrates director Lars Ostenfeld. “You can see our future in it.” Tracking three fearless glaciologists who venture where few ever have as they measure the rate at which the crucial ice sheet is melting. This enviro-doc turns data collection into a compelling action-adventure epic. Ostenfeld captures breathtaking moments in the eyes of storms, at the edge of precipices, and at the bottom of two-hundred-metre-deep ice shafts as the scientists risk everything to conduct vital research and provide answers to the question of our global prospects. A powerful and beautiful plea that needs to be experienced on the big screen.

Luku Ngarra
Luku Ngarra is an unflinching, Indigenous-funded documentary on the history and culture of Arnhem Land leading up to the present day, seen through the eyes of one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous elders and traditional lawmen, Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM. Set mainly in the remote community of Elcho Island, the film is a timely challenge to the dominant mainstream paradigm that has failed to recognise the true value and importance of traditional Aboriginal law and culture for the wellbeing of remote communities.


The 2020 Change Award Winner was Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra.

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