Did you know there’s more to AFF than just an outstanding festival held each year? The Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund (AFFIF) has supported the production of over 140 projects since its inception in 2003, promulgating bold and courageous screen storytelling.

Funded with support from the Government of South Australia, AFFIF has distinguished the Adelaide Film Festival and delivers cultural and economic return for South Australia.

This latest slate of work comprises ten brand new films that await their audience. Experience their premieres at AFF this October and you’ll be the first in the world to see them. 


Luke Rynderman & Adam Kamien / Australia, United States

An explosive Adelaide-made true crime that lifts the lid on a decades-old American murder case.

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MY NAME’S BEN FOLDS i play piano

Scott Hicks

A symphonic concert spectacle featuring rock maestro Ben Folds with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, combining the power of orchestral grandeur with the intimacy of close contact with the musicians.

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Isla’s Way

Marion Pilowsky / Australia

Cowboy. Rebel. Survivor. Grandmother. You’ll never forget meeting Isla.

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Housekeeping for Beginners

Goran Stolevski / North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Kosovo

A highly anticipated, affecting drama from one of Australia’s most exciting global talents.

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Her Name is Nanny Nellie

Daniel King / Australia

A great granddaughter’s soul-stirring quest to reclaim her family’s history.

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Rewards For The Tribe

Rhys Graham / Australia

A bold, visually striking dance documentary that celebrates human connection and asks us to rethink our notions of perfection.

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THE MUSICAL MIND a portrait in process

Scott Hicks / Australia

A glimpse into the private worlds and elite musical processes of four superstar musicians.

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You Should’ve Been Here Yesterday

Jolyon Hoff / Australia

A poetic homage to Australia’s early surf-culture with unearthed footage set to an original soundtrack.

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Blame the Rabbit

Elena Carapetis / Australia

After surviving a horrific assault by her husband, Helen uses the time of his incarceration to plan her revenge. Screens before The Royal Hotel.

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Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black)

Derik Lynch and Matthew Thorne / Australia

A queer, initiated Aboriginal man returns to country to dance on his sacred Inmar ground.

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Mating Call

Stephanie Jaclyn / Australia

A single woman’s animalistic side is unlocked when she faces a nightmare: attending a garden party filled with couples.

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