7 March 2019

You’ve heard of the classic cheese and wine, meat and wine and chocolate and wine pairings. That’s because in their own elements they compliment each other. At the Adelaide Film Festival we have a similar mentality when it comes to pairing wines with films because the ultimate experience is to wine and recline! Here is our guide to your perfect wines paired with scenes from Animals.

Fruity like Moscato

The opening scene from Animals is way too much fun; there is so much colour, light, and sound.  Tyler’s radiant personality is immediately cast as the queen of the party. And with that, there is no better way to get a party started than with a wine as fruity as the guests, which is why we welcome the much loved Moscato!

Dry like a Sav

The family dinner has slight notes of animosity. It is dry and even a little bit awkward kind of like a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has a reputation for being dry and crisp. Not to mention, dry whites are Laura’s most accounted for wine, too.

The Bridal Salon

What else but a glass of bubbles, right? Sparkling wine is sweet, aromatic and it is just as ostentatious as the shop that Laura and Tyler are sitting in.

Full-Bodied Meltdown

Now is the time to have something more full-bodied to compliment these women’s raging emotions. As Laura and Tyler’s evolving worlds begin to uproot their fun-loving friendship, they come to the realisation that life is more than a pop. Hence we welcome the robust Shiraz.

As Animals comes to a close, we look back at Laura’s journey of personal growth that flourished from a mix of life experiences. Great things come from a mix of experiences, so why not just pour it all together and take it in.

Like Animals, wine can open a mixed bag of emotions – so crack open a bottle of your favorite $5 Merlot and accept it as it is…

P.S. You might want to have a few friends around while you take on this list.

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Feature Image: Bernard Walsh