29 October 2021

Thin Ice VR will premiere this November at the South Australian Museum

AFF is excited to announce that Thin Ice VR, an Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund work, will have its world premiere on 19 November, followed by a screening season concluding 6 February 2022.

The work, which has been several years in the making, was originally planned to present in July 2021 as part of AFF Youth and Illuminate Adelaide, but was postponed due to a COVID-19 induced shutdown.

This groundbreaking and important work could not arrive at a more pressing time, and the Adelaide Film Festival, along with all presenting partners, are thrilled to finally share it with the world.

Presenter & Executive Producer Tim Jarvis AM
“Recreating Shackleton’s journey of survival was a lesson to me in the determination, optimism and leadership needed to prevail against the odds. 100 years ago, Shackleton’s goal was to save his men from the ice. Today it is the ice that needs saving from us and the human-induced climate change that threatens it. Thin Ice VR brings his story spectacularly to life at a time when we urgently need to learn from what he stood for to prevail against the challenges we face.”

Director & Writer James Calvert
“Deciding to take on the same challenge that Jarvis did in recreating Shackleton’s adventure, may be too much for most people. However, we want audiences to experience Shackleton’s epic story for themselves and learn from his leadership. Thin Ice VR lets us all walk directly in his footsteps. However, the story extends beyond that of Shackleton’s, to that of the plight of the greater Antarctic region –a place under threat from climate change. Thin Ice VR gives us all a chance to experience the wonder of this place with our own eyes, where we can see for ourselves the impact of climate change over the last 100 years.”

Tickets available soon at Thin Ice VR.

About Thin Ice VR

107 years ago, Sir Ernest Shackleton set out on one of the era’s most ambitious and harrowing journeys: to cross Antarctica coast-to-coast . Over a century on, environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM has recreated Shackleton’s epic, tragic feat of endurance in an immersive virtual reality experience created by Monkeystack. As we join Jarvis in following Shackleton’s footsteps, we too bear witness to another new and heartbreaking narrative: the icy environment that Shackleton and his peers once explored has now been transformed by the effects of anthropogenic climate change. Equal parts catastrophic and transcendent, Thin Ice VR presents a uniquely affecting account of how humanity asserts its will over the extremes of nature — often in unforeseen ways.


Major partner: Torrens University Australia.
Financed and developed with the assistance of South Australian Film Corporation, Screen Australia, Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund.
Supported by Kathmandu, One Ocean Expeditions and Documentary Australia Foundation.