Director: People's Republic of Animation (PRA)
5 minutes

Written/ directed by the People’s Republic of Animation (PRA)

Fritz Gets Rich is a darkly comic animated fable warning of the dangers of spiralling entrepreneurial greed. When Fritz’s tooth falls out a “magical’}” trade takes place with the Tooth Fairy. Fritz wakes up to find a shiny new one-dollar coin under his pillow. Fritz’s first encounter with money ignites his six-year old entrepreneurial spirit and from that moment on everything changes.

Nominated for Best Animation, AFI Award 2006

Bradford Animation Festival (UK) 2005 winner – Best Film for Children

ZOOM! Awards – Australia -2005 Winner – Best Animation

Annecy 2005 Animated Film Festival – France – June 2005

Official Short Film Panorama – Non-competitive

Snowyfest Film Festival – Australia – June 2005

Official Selection and Finalist – Best Film

Director People's Republic of Animation (PRA)