Zombies, Ghosts And… 1970s Paris? Stay Up Late For These Genre Titles #YOUMUSTSEE

3 October 2018

Up Late

It’s October – the spookiest month on the calendar. Take a walk on the wild (and scary) side with this trio of genre titles at Adelaide Film Festival.

The glory days of the British horror anthology come alive again in Ghost Stories. Zombies run amok in the brilliant film-within-a-film-within-a-film One Cut of the Dead, and the sleazy world of porn movie production in 1970s Paris awaits you in Knife + Heart. You’ll want to stay up late for these.

Ghost Stories

The West End stage smash has been adapted for the screen with deeply creepy results. Professor Goodman (played by co-director Jeremy Dyson, also founder of The League of Gentlemen) is a renowned sceptic of all things supernatural. Goodman accepts a challenge to investigat three spine-chilling case histories. There’s a nightwatchman haunted on the job, a teenage boy stranded in a forest and a city trader (Martin Freeman) who’s disturbed by strange goings-on as he awaits the birth of his first child. Each baffling, horrifying case supports the existence of unseen forces, taking a toll on the smug Goodman and challenging everything he has ever believed. Channelling influences from Val Lewton to Hammer Horror and Dario Argento, this super-classy item has beeen knocking’em dead at film festivals around the world. While you don’t have to be a horror hound to enjoy this devilishly clever throwback to British anthologies of the 1960s and ’70s, Ghost Stories is most certianly an extra-special treat for fans of things that go aaaaaaaaaaaaargh in the night!

Sunday 14 October, 4:30pm, Palace Nova
Sunday 21 October, 9:15pm, GU Film House Adelaide


Screens with: Post Mortem Mary

Knife + Heart

How much do you know about French gay porn? You’ll know a lot more after this walk on the wild side of Paris, circa 1979. Based on a real person, Anne (Vanessa Paradis) produces third-rate gay porn. She is passionate, alcoholic, flamboyant, romantic: an underground heroine and an uncontrollable bulldozer. After her editor and lover Lois leaves her, Anne tries to win her back by shooting her most ambitious film yet with trusted, flaming sidekick Archibald. But when one of her actors is murdered, Anne gets caught up in the investigation. The case becomes bizarre and terrifying when it seems that a leather-masked psycho has targeted Anne’s cast and crew. Yann Gonzalez is one of the most film-literate figures in queer cinema, with influences from Brian de Palma to Italian giallo to Kenneth Anger. In this pulsating and sometimes blackly comic item Gonzalez shows that nothing succeeds like excess, and nothing transfixes like transgression.

Tuesday 16 October, 8pm, GU Film House Adelaide
Friday 19 October, 7:45pm, GU Film House Adelaide


One Cut of the Dead

You’ve never seen a zombie movie like this before! Shinichiro Ueda’s brilliantly conceived and executed debut feature opens with an unbroken 37-minute shot of a film crew making a low-budget schlocker. The location is an abandoned water plant rumoured to have once been used for “human re-animation experiments.” Pulling the strings is Higurashi, a frazzled director whose leading lady has just flubbed take 42 of a crucial scene. Higurashi’s day gets even worse when a real-life zombie bloodbath begins. That’s all great fun, but just wait ’til you see what happens after the 37-minute mark. To say that everything goes wonderfully haywire is a understatement. A crowd favourite at film festivals everywhere (including audience vote runner-up at the prestigious Udine Far East film fest), One Cut is a must-see for genre fans and a teat for anyone seeking out fresh, vibrant and marvellously inventive cinema.

Thursday 11 October, 9:30pm, GU Film House Adelaide
Monday 15 October, 9:05pm, GU Film House Adelaide