15 June 2018


Australia created the world’s first feature film in 1906, The Story of the Kelly Gang. It is about an outlaw character who continues to resonate for audiences, and has been revisited by many filmmakers worldwide in the 112 years since creation.  In 2007 the film was recognized by the UNESCO Memory of the World Register for being the world’s first full-length narrative feature film.

Australia has an incredible legacy of creating distinctive screen stories. From silent film through to the amazing special effects we witness today; from the urban to the remote, the funny to the sad, the drama to the real.

#YOUMUSTSEE is a call to action of audiences to celebrate, honour and acknowledge their favourite Australian screen stories and support the current #MakeItAustralian campaign which throws the light on building a sustainable national screen industry.

#YOUMUSTSEE should excite debate and discussion of the impact Australian screen stories had on you as a child, a teenager, or older.  Was it a film where you recognised yourself? Or you learnt from a culture not of your own?

#YOUMUSTSEE invites you to come on this adventure of discovery. We encourage you to think on the Australian films made over the last 112 years and through your vote, gift them to new audiences. Vote because you loved it, it moved you, or you cannot forget the impression it left on you.

This is a rediscovery of the cinematic wonders that contain all the stories of our cultures, our landscapes, our politics, our families, the challenges, calamities and pleasures.

The Australian screen industry is a passionate factory of dreams created for audiences. In an industry landscape where we are fighting to create more Australian production, it is more important than ever that we encourage our audiences to acknowledge Australian screen stories and keep the industry thriving.

Thanks to all the industry partners who have contributed their support to #YOUMUSTSEE.

With special thanks to the National Screen and Sound Archive of Australia for helping Adealde Film Festival pull together the film list togather – though not complete – of Australian features from the very beginning. If you feature film is not here, rest assured you can still vote for it.

We can’t wait to receive your TOP 3. Happy watching.

Amanda and the Adelaide Film Festival team

Vote now. Voting is open from 18 June – July 30