We love Little Miss Crossover

14 October 2013

Words: Sarah Lancaster, Programming Coordinator

Little Miss Crossover is an ambitious attempt to showcase cross media and webnative projects within a festival program.

I want to create a space for audiences to stop and play with online content – not while watching TV and playing with a computer, or walking down the street with eyes glued to a phone.

I want to showcase both the local and international projects – stand alone concepts and online extensions of feature films – in a form and context that is specific to the intention of the work.

I want audiences to have a personal interaction with these projects, to explore, watch and play – and then have the opportunity to hear from the people who’ve created them.

I want us all to navigate the murky waters of new media / cross media / transmedia together.

I want to promote a dialogue and shared understanding between filmmakers, techies and punters and to help get everyone speaking the same language.

And I want to showcase the amazing work being done right here in Adelaide – especially the Digital 360 lab projects which are only at a very early developmental stage but are willing to let us ‘peek behind the curtain’ and see their projects before they are fully formed.

Little Miss Crossover has two main parts – a wee ‘shed’ with two computer stations. Each computer has a total of 18 projects to select from which audiences navigate through a fab interface (designed and created by Monkeystack – props).  Users can watch for single episode for a few minutes, click on a range of projects, come back time and time again to play games and even tell their own stories into the portal.

From a bear crossing the national parks of Canada to Arcade Fire playing in your street, from over-active animated bunnies to slackers trying to out-run Zombies and from a pseudo-Baltic wonderland to a post-apocalyptic wasteland – all you have to do is come on down to the Festival Club – click  and explore. Or, if you’d rather lounge on the lounge there are a handful of iPads with pre-installed apps to play with. Whatever your speed, we’ve got you covered.

Little Miss Crossover is open from 12 noon daily at the Festival Club (Little Miss Mexico, cnr Frome & Grenfell St). See the full line-up of projects in the gallery here.