TV #YOUMUSTSEE Before Anyone Else At Adelaide Film Festival

17 September 2018

Pine Gap and The Family Law

There’s nothing better than seeing something before anyone else. Especially when it is a television series that will have the world hooked. At this year’s Adelaide Film Festival (October 10 to 21), we have some of the most highly-anticipated programs screening before they are scheduled to appear anywhere else. And, if you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes of screen entertainment, there’s a very special panel you’ll want to go to.

Here’s what’s on offer.

Pine Gap

Trust but verify. Reveal their secrets but protect our own.

Set in the intensely secretive world of intelligence at the enigmatic US/Australia joint defence facility in central Australia, Pine Gap delves into the famously strong US/Australian alliance. With a new global player encroaching – and the world inching closer to war – trust, betrayal, love and loyalty all come into question. What do you do for the liberal world order, what do you do for your country, what do you do for those you love and what do you do for yourself?

Thursday 11 October, 6:45pm, GU Film House Adelaide. Tickets.

The Family Law (Season 3)

Coming (out) soon.

Everyone’s favourite dysfunctional Chinese-Australian family are back! For The Family Law’s third and final chapter, Benjamin and Jenny are thrust headfirst into new worlds of self-discovery and hormones, only to find that for every thrill there is also terror and that it takes courage to come of age… and finally come out. The series’ zingy humour and warm heart are well and truly alive in this fabulous finale.

Meet series makers Benjamin Law and Sophie Miller.

Wednesday 17 October, 7:15pm, GU Film House Adelaide. Tickets.

Writing For the New Reality (Panel / Forum)

With presenting partner Australian Writers’ Guild and special guests!

With screen entertainment becoming more and more immersive, writers are needing to cater for new modes of interactivity and audience engagement.

At the same time, technologists working in industries as far ranging as museums, education, health, defence and manufacturing are turning to forms of immersive entertainment to communicate and deliver their message. The collision of these two forces is providing fertile ground for new and imaginative approaches, and for new relationships.

This unique Writing for the New Reality showcase and panel discussion will be followed by speed networking & drinks.

Hear from a select group of interactive, game and virtual reality writers on the challenges and opportunities afforded by these new realities. Introduce yourself and mingle with a new cohort of creative and inventive industry leaders. Don’t miss out!

Wednesday 17 October, 5:30pm, GU Film House Adelaide. Register.