Silence's Crescendo 18+

Experimental | Feature
Director  Saidin Salkic
Australia | 40 mins | 2018

World Premiere

Experimental horror film.

Silence’s Crescendo is the most recent film from Bosnian-Australian avant-gardist Saidin Salkic, and this screening is the World Premiere of the film. It is the dark to Salkic’s previous film The Arrival of a Phoenix’s light. Placing both films in the one program gives an indication of Salkic’s concerns, his range as a filmmaker. Silence’s Crescendo is an extraordinary and unique horror film. It plays with many tropes of the genre, but in a low-budget and intense way. Filmed in a murky B&W, it is like an “experiment in terror”, somewhere between a normal horror film and an aesthetically-minded experimental film. It goes for a heightened intensity, a “crescendo”, that never lets up. It loops its rough sounds insistently, offering no escape for our doomed hero. It’s a dark, nightmarish work, not for the faint-hearted. Psychologically, is this film a metaphor for Salkic’s experience in the Bosnian genocide, where he experienced fear and death? – Bill Mousoulis

Presented by Bill Mousoulis, founding editor Senses of Cinema. Part of the series “Australian New Wave filmmakers”

Screens with The Arrival of a Phoenix, followed by Q&A.

This session is presented by Sax & Violins Film Society in conjunction with Adelaide Film Festival.

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Director Saidin Salkic | Producer Saidin Salkic | Cast Saidin Salkic