The Arrival of a Phoenix 18+

Experimental | Feature
Director  Saidin Salkic
Australia | 40 mins | 2018

South Australian Premiere

Beautiful experimental film about a man and his daughter.

The Arrival of a Phoenix celebrates the relationship between cinematic image and sound, and attempts to examine this crucial relationship while telling an emotional story of the rebirth of a human. These words come from the director Saidin Salkic himself, and are telling: his cinema is indeed an “experimental cinema”, in the way he uses images and sounds, and also a deeply “humanist cinema”, in the way he expresses the deepest of human feelings and situations. One is struck, from the very first second, by the sheer beauty of this film’s form, all shimmering lightness and ethereal twinklings – the sky, the sun, the earth, the sea. The images are sublime, but the sounds are also sublime, little chimes and whispers, matching perfectly with the awe and transcendence on display. It’s a stunning self-portrait, “from the ruins of my childhood” as Salkic says (where he experienced genocide first hand), to the beautiful land of Australia, where he stabilised his life and brought into the world a child of his own, a child whose father was spared death by a whisker. It’s a heart-rending, utterly beautiful film. – Bill Mousoulis

Presented by Bill Mousoulis, founding editor Senses of Cinema. Part of the series “Australian New Wave filmmakers”

Screens with Silence's Crescendo, followed by Q&A.

This session is presented by Sax & Violins Film Society in conjunction with Adelaide Film Festival.

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Director Saidin Salkic | Producer Saidin Salkic | Cast Saidin Salkic, Sevdah Salkic