The FIVE Provocations 18+

Fiction | Feature
Director  Angie Black
Australia | 94 mins | 2018

South Australian Premiere

Bold mix of human drama and queer extravaganza.

After 30 years of short films and academic work, Angie Black unleashes her debut feature The FIVE Provocations onto the Australian film scene, and what a blast it is!

It’s a terrific achievement for a no-budget feature: a finely nuanced ensemble realist drama, with intertwining characters negotiating this fluid world we live in currently, wedded to a series of bizarre, theatrical, surreal incursions into the narrative (the “provocations” of the title), surprising the characters (and we the audience).

It’s like a Luis Buñuel or David Lynch film, where the narrative is suddenly split open by molotov cocktails, by characters or events that subvert the natural storyline, and everything shifts into the realm of dream and emotion.

The Five Provocations is certainly a bold film – it will please both those looking for a subtle human drama, and those looking for a colourful queer extravaganza. – Bill Mousoulis

Presented by Bill Mousoulis, founding editor Senses of Cinema.  Q&A with director to follow. Part of the series “Australian New Wave filmmakers”

This session is presented by Sax & Violins Film Society in conjunction with Adelaide Film Festival.

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Director Angie Black | Screenwriter Angie Black | Producer Angie Black | Cinematographer Matt Jasper | Editor Kelly Dingeldi | Composer Marcel Borrack, Amelia Barden | Cast Sapidah Kian, Rebecca Bower, Tony Moclair, Blake Osborn