Walden All ages

Documentary | Feature
Austria, Switzerland | 107 mins | 2018
No Dialogue

Australian Premiere

Winner, Special Jury Prize, Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Be prepared to be hypnotised and mesmerised by Walden, a remarkable documentary comprised of thirteen 360-degree panorama shots. We begin in a the forest near the Catholic Monastery of Admont in Austria. The serene magnificence of nature is shattered by the sound of a chainsaw and the felling of a fir tree. The tree is turned into planks, which are followed around the world to a mysterious and supremely ironic destination in Brazil. Each shot is meticulously framed and executed, inviting us to contemplate the relationship between natural and industrialised worlds, and how this eternal struggle must find a greater level of harmony if they're both going to survive. Daniel Zimmermann’s stunning film is both a celebration of nature’s majesty and a potent commentary on paradoxical and destructive trade patterns in the global economy.

"this is a formally impressive rumination on subjects such as globalization and nature versus man that uses camerawork and editing to turn the film into something almost as surreal as the subjects it explores." (The Hollywood Reporter) 

Director Daniel Zimmermann | Producer Aline Schmid | Cinematographer Gerald Kerkletz | Editor Bernhard Braunstein | Distributor Pascale Ramonda