The Breaker Upperers Unclassified 18+

Fiction | Special Event
New Zealand | 82 mins | 2018

Breaking up just got easier

Fifteen years ago, Mel (Madeleine Sami) and Jen (Jackie van Beek) discovered they were being two-timed by the same man. Bitter and cynical they became fast friends and formed The Breaker Upperers, a small-time business breaking up couples for cash. Now they’re in their late-thirties and business is booming. They’re a platonic, codependent couple who keep their cynicism alive by not getting emotionally involved with anybody else. But when they run into an old victim, Mel develops a conscience and their friendship is truly put to the test.


GU Film House Adelaide
Tue 03/07
6:30 PM - 7:52 PM
The Breaker Upperers (82 mins)

This session cannot be purchased using a pass