Dying to Live M

Documentary | Feature
Director  Richard Todd
Australia | 95 mins | 2018

South Australian Premiere

How much compassion does it take?

Australia has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the western world with 15% on waiting lists dying before getting a transplant. That’s got to change. There are four stories here that might make a difference, movingly told by one of Australia’s leading activist-documentarians, Richard Todd (Frackman). Zaidee died tragically at the of age seven but her organs have saved the lives of seven other people. Holly has cystic fibrosis and now a new set of lungs. Tattooed bikie Woody, arms scarred from years of dialysis, awaits a third kidney transplant. Kitty needs a pancreas and kidney transplant, but as she reaches the top of the waiting list she is dropped back down with other health issues. Organ donation is simply, and urgently, heart-wrenching stories of real people. Why must they wait for so long? Are changes in policy required, or shifts in perception? What does it take to support a desperate family member running out of time as they hope for a stranger’s generosity?

Director Richard Todd | Producer Richard Todd, Ben McNeill | Screenwriter Sarah Rosetti | Cinematographer Richard Kickbush, Richard Todd | Editor Lawrie Silvestrin ASE | Distributor Madman