FYSH All ages

Fiction | Short
Director  Billie Pleffer
Australia | 13 mins | 2017

South Australian Premiere

FYSH is the story of an old man at the edge of life who has forgotten the feeling of joy and lost the ability to be happy. Through a bizarre occurrence he is forced on a journey to rediscover what it is to live.

Director Billie Pleffer | Producer Rita Walsh | Screenwriter Billie Pleffer | Cinematographer Jeremy Rouse | Editor Mat Evans | Composer Michael Yezerski | Cast Ronald Falk

Screens with: Coat of Arms, The Knife Salesman, Turtles Are Always Home, Face, Great Choice, I Will Treasure Your Friendship, I Have Been Watching You All Along


GU Film House Adelaide
Tue 10/10
5:30 PM - 7:04 PM
Reel/Unreal (94 mins)