Thank You for the Rain 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Director  Julie Dahr
Norway, United Kingdom | 90 mins | 2017

Australian Premiere

Winds of change

With a family of nine to support and drought destroying his crops, Kenyan farmer Kisilu Musya appears to be the least likely of documentary makers. An encounter with Norwegian filmmaker Julia Dahr changes that. Dahr gives Musya a camera. For a year he films the devastating effects of global warming on his land and how it impacts on his family and fellow farmers. Eventually he’s invited to speak at the Paris Climate Conference. Musya’s extraordinary story puts a memorable human face to a monumental global issue.

There will be a Q&A after the 7th October screening with Tim Jarvis and SA Water representative, Michelle Irvin.

Director Julie Dahr | Producer Hugh Hartford | Cinematographer Julie Lunde Lillesæter | Editor Adam Thomas | Composer Chris White