The Tracker M

Fiction | Feature
Director  Rolf de Heer
Australia | 90 mins | 2002

"The Tracker is one of those rare films that deserves to be called haunting." (Roger Ebert)

There are four of them making their way through the wild country, tracking relentlessly. It is 1922.

In charge is the Fanatic: cold, ruthless, calculating and complex. The second of the three whites is the Follower, a greenhorn, new to the outback. And there is the Veteran, a thinker rather than a doer. But the real leader, whether the others know it or not, is the Tracker himself, a mysterious figure who clearly isn't who he seems.

The Tracker was filmed around the Flinders Ranges and had its world premiere in Adelaide on March 2, 2002 as part of the Adelaide Arts Festival. We are delighted to be presenting this film to mark its 15th anniversary. The film was the genesis of an extraordinary creative partnership that would result in the award-winning films Ten Canoes and Charlie’s Country.

Director and producer Rolf de Heer had these words to say about the film and the extraordinary work of lead actor, David Gulpilil.

“I had never met David Gulpilil, but I cast him as the Tracker nevertheless, sight unseen...I knew that he was, after all, the best. But there were at least two things I didn't know about him: how good he really was, and remarkably, that this was the first lead role of his illustrious career. I also didn't know that we'd end up making three extraordinary films together, and form a friendship unlike any other I've had. But it all began here, with this film, which is somehow, for me, the most beautiful I've ever worked on.” (Rolf de Heer)

Director Rolf de Heer | Screenwriter Rolf de Heer | Producer Rolf de Heer, Julie Ryan | Composer Graham Tardif, Graham Tardif | Cinematographer Ian Jones | Editor Tania Nehme | Executive Producers: Bridget Ikin, Domenico Procacci, Bryce Menzies, Associate Producer: Nils Erik Nielsen, Paintings: Peter Coad, Sound Designer: James Currie, Songs sung by: Archie Roach