Prehistoric VR All ages

Virtual Reality | Virtual Reality
Australia | 9 mins | 2017

South Australian Premiere

Deep below the surface.

Prehistoric VR drops you onto the ocean floor 200 million years ago, for an immersive encounter with the strange, wonderful and terrifying creatures of the prehistoric deep, from the Ediacaran to the Cretaceous periods. Commissioned by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and developed with assistance from Create NSW, PREHISTORIC VR is a collaboration between award-winning visual artist and filmmaker Samantha Lang, and Erth Visual & Physical Inc, internationally renowned makers of large-scale puppetry experiences. An adaptation of Erth’s stage show "Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium”, this short VR experience has been made for and with kids, big and small.

Director Samantha Lang, Scott Wright | Producer Ella Millard, Samantha Lang | Screenwriter Scott Wright | Editor Roland Gallois | Composer James Brown