Split Me 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Fiction | Short
Director  Andrew Shanks
Australia | 15 mins | 2016

South Australian Premiere

Making friends is tough but when you’re living in an outskirts town years behind the capital trends, finding someone who doesn’t make your skin crawl is near impossible. Joey believes her ticket to happiness lies within joining the local women’s bowling troupe – they meet every Thursday - scintillating, inspiring, competitive and…old. When she discovers that the troupe is for over 40s her dreams are all but shattered – how will she brave this place? It’s local girl and all around oddball Scooter who reveals the bad news – her mum runs the troupe and, despite many attempts, hasn’t ever made an exception. It’s Girls Night… for the ladies. Can the girls find friendship in an otherwise lonely existence?

Director Andrew Shanks | Producer Andrew Shanks & Jordan Cowan | Screenwriter Sara West | Cinematographer David Gregan | Editor Andrew Shanks