Welcome To Country All ages

Fiction | Short
Director  Dean Gibson
Australia | 10 mins | 2016

Tony is a hot shot public servant deeply embedded in the Canberran way of life. Sent to the remote Aboriginal community of Gammon, his mission is to prepare the town for a visit from the Prime Minister, and to reveal the government’s “brilliant plan” guaranteed to fix the Aboriginal community's problem once and for all.

Upon arriving in the community, he is greeted by the straight-shooting, indomitable Mayor Neville and unveils his plan to hold auditions to find the best Welcome to Country act.

Unaware of the cultural faux pas he is committing, the auditions go ahead, bringing to light the best and the funniest elements of the community.

Director Dean Gibson | Producer Helen Morrison | Screenwriter Dean Gibson | Cinematographer Mark Broadbent | Composer Tane Matheson, Jeff Moulton | Editor Charlotte Cutting | Cast Alec Doomadgee, Joel Pierce, Roxanne McDonald, Paula Nazarski