Tasty 18+

Fiction | Short
Director  Meaghan Palmer
Australia | 15 mins | 2016

South Australian Premiere

Inspired by a true event.
August, 1994 in Melbourne. Ben (17) lives on the surf coast with his mum and hangs out with his cooler best friend Lolly. One morning after a surf, Ben meets cute-guy Dane (23) by the beach, who tells him about the underground gay nightclub in the city called Tasty. Ben finds the courage to sneak out and go to Tasty with Lolly. Unfortunately, this is also the night of the Victorian Police’s brutal and illegal six hour drug raid on Tasty, where the 460+ patrons were publicly stripped, cavity searched with dirty gloves and denied access to toilets, water and their rights. Even worse, Dane is one of the cops who is faced with the dilemma of coming out or selling out. Ben will have to choose whether his newly discovered identity is worth suffering such injustice and prejudice for.

Director Meaghan Palmer | Producer Varun Swaminathan & David Morris | Screenwriter Meaghan Palmer | Cinematographer David Morris | Editor Meaghan Palmer & David Morris | Cast Josh Lavery, Emily Milledge, Zachary Pidd | Composer Meaghan Palmer, Joseph Bucan, Darcy Baylis