Atlantis, Iceland 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Director  Peter Hanlon
Australia, Iceland | 89 mins | 2017

World Premiere

Politics, punk rock and a magnificent obsession.

Sometimes a single image can change our lives. For Adelaide filmmaker Peter Hanlon, this life-altering image is a tiny fragment of film shot in Iceland in 1965 and featured in Chris Marker’s 1983 masterpiece Sunless. In this experimental documentary-fiction hybrid two friends visit Iceland and search for the elusive origins of the 1965 footage. Their journey brings them into contact with punk rockers, politicians and Icelandic mysticism and folklore. Presented at ADL Film Fest as a work-in-progress, this is a wild, unpredictable and fascinating ride.

Director Peter Hanlon | Producer Peter Hanlon, Rick Davies, Cole Larsen | Screenwriter Peter Hanlon | Editor Dave Raftery