I Will Treasure Your Friendship 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Short
Director  Lucy Knox
Australia | 13 mins | 2016

South Australian Premiere

In 1963 Rayson Lai won the Hong Kong Elvis Singing Competition and subsequently met Elvis Presley. This event fuelled Rayson’s lifelong desire to meet famous people. When the murder of nurse Anita Cobby becomes infamous, Rayson claims a connection to the case and becomes part of her family.

Director Lucy Knox | Producer W.A.M Bleakley | Editor Freeman Trebilcock | Composer Jordan Obarzanek

Screens with: Coat of Arms, The Knife Salesman, Turtles Are Always Home, Face, Great Choice, FYSH, I Have Been Watching You All Along


GU Film House Adelaide
Tue 10/10
5:30 PM - 7:04 PM
Reel/Unreal (94 mins)