Great Choice 18+

Fiction | Short
Director  Robin Comisar
United states | 7 mins | 2017

Australian Premiere

A woman gets stuck in a Red Lobster commercial.

Director Robin Comisar | Producer Melody C. Roscher, Craig Shilowich, Emily Wiedemann, Andrew Kortschak, Christopher Ford, Brendan McHugh, Lucas Leyva, Jillian Mayer | Cast Carrie Coon, Morgan Spector, Jordan Gelber, Nevada Cladwell | Cinematographer Matt Clegg | Screenwriter Robin Comisar | Editor Robin Comisar

Screens with: Coat of Arms, The Knife Salesman, Turtles Are Always Home, Face, FYSH, I Will Treasure Your Friendship, I Have Been Watching You All Along


GU Film House Adelaide
Tue 10/10
5:30 PM - 7:04 PM
Reel/Unreal (94 mins)