Flirting PG

Fiction | Feature
Director  John Duigan
Australia | 99 mins | 1991

"This movie is joyous, wise and life-affirming, and certainly one of the year's best films." – Roger Ebert

The Australian coming-of-age classic returns to the big screen in a glorious new restored print. Noah Taylor, Nicole Kidman and Thandie Newton are the luminous stars of a tale set in 1965. Awkward 17-year-old Danny lives at St. Albans, a strict rural boarding school. Across the lake lies Cirencester Ladies’ College, home to Ugandan-English boarder Thandiwe. Their road to romance is wonderfully funny, uncommonly touching and achingly truthful.

Director John Duigan | Screenwriter John Duigan | Producer Terry Hayes, George Miller, Doug Mitchell | Cinematographer Geoff Burton | Editor Robert Gibson | Cast Nicole Kidman, Thandie Newton, Noah Taylor