dont f with me 18+

Animation | Short
Director  Fiona Percival
Australia | 16 mins | 2017

don't f with me is about the power of a teenage girl gang in a world that sometimes feels out of control. Four childhood friends are on the cusp of disbanding into post school peer groups. It’s an exhilarating, but often messy ride of fun times, scary times and intense feelings. The story reaches a critical fork during a night of partying on a remote hilltop volcano. Punky, Goldy, Wicca and Bit$h find themselves amidst drug overdosing, rape and revenge. Aware of the gravity of the situation, but also naïve and brave enough to approach it with the darkest humour, the girls contemplate their options. Empowered by music, technology and friendship they embark on another night of partying to send the world a message- “dont f with me”.

Director Fiona Percival | Producer Cathy Beitz | Screenwriter Gemma Pannell & Fiona Percival