Wolfe 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Fiction | Short
Director  Claire Randall
Australia | 16 mins | 2016

South Australian Premiere

Unlike most kids, Nick had an imargianry friend he could really hear. His voice sounded gruff and old, and no one else could hear him. Mister Wolfe became Nick's constant companion, but before long a darker side emerged. Featuring animated scenes and a candid interview with the now 24-year-old Nick, this film portrays a collage of his psyche.

Director Claire Randall | Producer Shannen Tunnicliffe, Claire Randall | Editor Claire Randall & Liam Keogh | Composer Jacob De Weger | Director of Photography: Lachland James Morton, Animator: Lachlan James Morton, Colourist: Lachan James Morton