Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Director  Gary Doust
Australia | 100 mins | 2017

World Premiere

A life in splatter.

This documentary follows filmmaker Craig Anderson on his riotous roller-coaster journey making his first really, really low budget horror film Red Christmas—a film that Bloody Disgusting website wisely praised for having “style out the ass.” Capturing every shred of drama, comedy and tragedy behind the scenes, this will unveil what it truly takes to put your life savings on the line in an attempt to make a successful cult horror film against all the odds. The result is a tumultuous, kind of disgusting, and very funny new take about how films are made and sold in the brave new world of digital filmmaking and online distribution.

Director Gary Doust | Producer Gary Doust, Megan McMurchy | Cinematographer Gary Doust | Editor Julie Anne De Ruvo | Composer John Gray | Audio Design: Mark Tanner | Cast Craig Anderson, Gerard O'Dwyer, Dee Wallace, Rob Anderson