Demons in Paradise 18+

Documentary | Feature
Director  Jude Ratnam
France, Sri lanka | 94 mins | 2017
Tamil, Sinhalese, English with English subtitles

Australian Premiere

How did our hopes get turned into such cruelty?

For the first time, a Tamil filmmaker living in Sri Lanka views the civil war from the inside. In 1983, Sri Lanka was torn apart by riots targeting the Tamil minority and a war started that was to last 30 thirty years and leave indelible scars on the country. As a young child, Jude Ratnam fled to the Tamil strongholds in the north. But even here there was no sanctuary to be found as the Tamil rebellion descended into deadly in-fighting between the Tigers and other factions. Now the return of Ratnam’s ex-guerrilla uncle from overseas exile provides the occasion for a re-opening of these old wounds and an impassioned consideration of what went wrong.

Director Jude Ratnam | Screenwriter Isabelle Marina, Jude Ratnam | Producer Julie Paratian | Composer Rajkumar Dharshan | Editor Jeanne Oberson | Cinematographer Chinthaka Somakeerthi, Mahinda Abeysinghe | Sound: Wickrama Seneviranthe, H.M Indika Sisira Kumara, Benoît Gargonne, Color: Steven Le Guellec